A German company, Deutsche WindGuard GmbH, on the order of WIND FARM LLC has started the measurement of wind potential on the territory of construction of the 800 MW wind power plant using 120 m mast, on which wind measurement equipment is installed.
The mast is installed near Mangush of Donetsk region. Wind measurement will last at least one year to cover all seasons.

WIND FARM LLC already has a preliminary assessment of wind potential developed by Deutsche WindGuard based on Ukraine’s high resolution Meso scale data. The assessment showed capacity factor of 45 % (gross) with wind turbine Vestas V-150, 5.6 MW with 120 m tower. The average wind speed at hub height is 7.6 m/s.

Deutsche WindGuard GmbH is a world leader in the provision of natural resource assessment services and technical advisor in the field of renewable energy. Based on WindGuard reports investors from all over the world make business plans, planning annual electricity production.