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The publication of the “Razumkov Center Library” series is dedicated to the Project

At the Razumkov Center with the support of the “Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom” in Ukraine and Belarus a panel discussion “Green” investments in sustainable development: world experience and the Ukrainian context” took place. The new edition of the “Razumkov Center Library” series was introduced at discussion. The book features the article "PRACTICAL CASE: INVESTMENTS IN "GREEN" GENERATION AND “SMART” GRIDS OF DONETSK REGION", which explores the implementation of the WIND FARM LLC Project as a practical means of applying investment for the benefit of Ukraine, in particular the Donetsk region. The discussion aroused interest among representatives of the legislative and executive power, scientists, state and independent experts of Ukraine, as well as representatives of foreign embassies and international organizations that participated in the panel discussion.

November 28th, 2019|

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