WIND FARM LLC has completed the development of the feasibility study of the power connection scheme and is awaiting its approval by NPC Ukrenergo.

In the framework of the feasibility study the scheme of connection of the wind power plant to the power grids was investigated. The simulation of the scheme includes calculations of electric modes of operation, dynamic stability, estimation of loading of crossings of the Unified Power System of Ukraine and proves that wind power plant does not affect the grids negatively.

One of the connection schemes under investigation of the Feasibility Study was developed jointly with NPC Ukrenergo and DMCC ENGINEERNING LLC, and allows not only to connect the wind power plant to the grids but also to solve the problems of power supply in Mariupol and create conditions for its further development.


750 kV grids
330 kV grids
330 kV grids, not connected
220 kV grids, not connected
110 kV grids

Explanation of the scheme:

The map of the region shows the substations and overhead lines (OHLs) which matter. At the bottom right corner of the diagram the phase number is shown:

  1. The first phase shows the current state of the electrical grids in the region. As Starobeshevskaya TPP does not operate within the Unified Power System of Ukraine, the substation PS 220 kV “Azovskaya” has a significant shortage of electricity. The entire western part of Mariupol should receive electricity through the PS 220 kV “Azovskaya”.
  2. The second phase shows the beginning of construction of the WIND FARM LLC wind power plant. The power collection substation, the 330-kV overhead line to the 750 kV Southdonbass substation and the first construction stages of the wind power plant are being built.
  3. At the third phase, NPC Ukrenergo is reconstructing the region’s power lines, which are not connected. After reconstruction, the 220 kV power line becomes the 330 kV power line, which connects substation 330 kV “Zorya” with substation 220 kV “Azovskaya”. Azovskaya substation is also being reconstructed, receiving a 330 kV switchgear and becoming the 330 kV “Azovskaya” substation.
  4. Large-scale electrification is being completed by the construction of the 330 kV power line from the WIND FARM substation to the 330 kV “Azovskaya” substation with its reconstruction. In addition, the wind power plant is reaching its full design capacity of 800 MW.
  • Mariupol is surrounded by a powerful 330kV electric ring that connects all substations of the region. This electricity supply scheme is unique by its reliability which currently exists only around Kyiv. Electricity can be supplied to the consumer, the private economy or the enterprise under any circumstances.