In the active development of the company is a wind power plant project on the territory of Mariupol district of Donetsk region with a total installed capacity of 800 MW. The implementation of the project contributes to the energy independence of the country and corresponds to the direction of energy development of Ukraine. Thus, within the framework of Ukraine’s implementation of its energy strategy for the period up to 2035 “SECURITY, ENERGY EFFICIENCY, COMPETITIVENESS”, it is necessary to achieve the share of RES in the total primary energy supply up to 25%.

The main factors contributing to the investment attractiveness of the project are:

  • Favorable site location with an average annual wind speed of about 7.6 m/s at the 120 m hub height, providing capacity factor of about 45% and AEP of about 3 300 – 3 400 GWh (specified for P-50 scenario for actual Vestas, GE or GOLD WIND wind turbines);
  • Unique expertise of the project team with experience in the development of wind power projects of about 1300 MW and the construction of projects with installed capacity of over 400 MW;
  • Up to date technical solution, which ensures the highest level of reliability, modular capacity extension and attractive financial results;
  • Location of the project in a region with large industrial consumers, which allows the use of produced electricity with minimal technical losses for transmission, and advanced logistics for transporting wind turbines – 2 offshore ports connected by highway.

In addition, the project has a triple social effect on realization and opens a new era of civilized development in wind energy of Ukraine, as it helps to solve the following tasks:

  • attraction of investments in Donetsk region;
  • increase of reliability of the power supply of Mariupol;
  • development of the machine-building industry of Ukraine.

Attraction of investments in Donetsk region

Donetsk region was selected to attract investments on purpose. Since 2013, due to the war in Donbass, the region has not received any investments and its development stopped. Right now, investments in the region will maximize social effect.

Increase of reliability of the power supply of Mariupol

The current quality of electricity supply in the region leaves much to be desired – this was caused by War in the east of the country and the loss of generation power facilities in temporarily uncontrolled territory. Therefore, Mariupol, with a population of about half a million inhabitants, schools, hospitals, ports and factories, can be left without electricity for hours.

The scheme of connection of wind power plant to electric grids, selected together with NPC Ukrenergo foresees the construction of two 330 kV power lines for the formation of a 330 kV electric ring near Mariupol, which will significantly improve the reliability of city’s power supply.

Development of the machine-building industry of Ukraine

The 800 MW wind turbine portfolio is very significant and attractive to any wind turbine manufacturer. For the sake of its implementation, the manufacturer may decide to transfer his Know How and organize the production of wind turbine components in Ukraine. The company has signed a memorandum about intentions of cooperation with SE “PA Yuzhmash” and SE “Plant” Electrotyazhmash” to facilitate involvement of wind power equipment manufacturers in the organization of local production.
Other Ukrainian enterprises may also be interested in local production of wind turbine components. This will leave significant amount of investment in the country, create additional jobs and give a powerful push to the development of the machine-building industry of Ukraine.