On 30.10.2020 an EPC Contract for joint implementation of 800MW Wind Power Plant Construction Project in Mangush and Nikolskiy districts of Donetsk region was signed between Chinese company POWERCHINA and Ukrainian company WIND FARM. The value of this Project is over one billion US dollars making it the largest wind energy project in Ukraine. The Project implementation demonstrates an ultimately new and beneficial approach for the state in terms of wind energy sector development, such as selling electricity at electricity market without ‘green’ tariff.

POWERCHINA is one of the largest construction companies in China (one of one hundred largest companies in the country and 500 largest companies in the world). The company specializes in engineering and construction of energy and transport facilities. One of POWERCHINA’s projects is the construction of the largest power plant in the world – Three Gorges Dam with 22.5 GW capacity.

The WIND FARM team are highly experienced in wind energy in Ukraine. Its workforce has over 25 years’ background in this area.
The Team’s background includes experience in the development of 1.3 GW wind energy projects, of which over 400 MW capacity has been commissioned.

The WIND FARM’s 800 MW Project in Donetsk region is the largest onshore wind park in Europe. The POWERCHINA and WIND FARM capabilities and experience will ensure the implementation of this project in the most efficient manner.