DMCC ENGINEERNING subcontracted by WIND FARM LLC has developed a computer model of the entire region of unified power system of Ukraine, which could be potentially affected by the wind power plant. The computer model will be used to simulate the impact of the wind power plant (WPP) of WIND FARM LLC on the Unified power system of Ukraine. NPC Ukrenergo has approved the computer model today.

POWER FACTORY software, a certified tool for analyzing of generation, transmission and distribution systems used by power grid operators and generating companies in developed countries, is used for modeling.

The connection of the perspective 800 MW WPP to the electric grids of the power system of Ukraine foresees the construction of two new 330 kV overhead power lines from the substation of the wind power plant, which will be constructed in the Nikolsky district of Donetsk region. The first 330 kV power line will be connected to the 750 kV Southdonbass substation, with the construction of a new cell in the 330 kV switchgear. The second power line is planned to be connected to the Azovska 220 kV substation with its reconstruction and construction of a new 330 kV switchgear with two autotransformers 330/110 kV of 200 MVA each. In addition, a new 330 kV Zorya – Azovskaya power line will be put into operation before WPP reaches its full capacity, which will be built from 220 and 330 kV power lines that are temporarily not used. Thus, a 330 kV electric ring will be formed around Mariupol, which will not only give out the power of the wind power plant in the network, but will also increase the reliability of the power supply of the city of Mariupol.